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  UPDATED - added 2018 history of events.
Steve D - 1/1/2018

File for Download

1. Quartet Poster for bulletin boards,

Poster info confirmed valid - 12/07/2018 (steve d)

to download our new poster
a. click / double click on it to open larger photo;
b. in Windows or other: right click on the larger photo;
c. look for "save photo" or "copy photo" command.
d. Tell it where to save and file name you want;
e. Save it (eg click "ok" or equal
seems to work - will try more photos later this week!

THEN print it from your computer for paper copy you can post!
steve d, tenor.

2.  Photos - approx. 10 of our best ! - SEE NEW SLIDESHOW IN SLIDE SHOW TAB!

Method of downloading the photos - work in process. Will link to separate storage area :-) . steve d 12/27/2016.

3.  Videos - short clips of two of our songs


 Date (YYMMDD) and Event Description 
180215 Dave S Work Valentine Mansfield MA
180316 JBFrancis Elem School Warwick RI
180304 Bday Chapel Grill Cranston RI list
180211 80th Bday Home Mendon MA
180105 Carriage House Wayland MA
180130 ( )
180204 Bday Party 1149 Seekonk
180304 Pawsox Audition Warwick
180213 Patrick K Home Valentine Pawtucket RI
180214 Assist Living Valentine Bill C
180213 American Legion Valentine RI
180213 Checon Work Valentine RI
180214 W---- Radio Valentine Ad RI
180214 Restaurant Grille Main EGreenwich RI
180118 Carriage House Wayland MA
180424 Wingate Residence- Norton MA
180420 Dinner Show- Prov Arts Crafts- Prov RI
180506 85th Birthday- Braintree MA
180509 Briarwood Asst Liv- Worcester MA
180512 Birthday at Eli- New Haven CT
180515 30th Anniversary- Brookline, MA
180602 RISD Graduation Prov RI
180606 Senior Lunch Heritage Chapel Princeton MA
180607 Amica 25 Year Club Dinner Warwick RI
180609 50th Bday Bella Cerno Plainville MA
180812 Tony L Spagetti Dinner
180825a 90th Bday Party Jamestown RI
180825b Woodshed Party Tewksbury MA
180823 The Arbors Taunton MA
180807 Apple Rehab Westerly RI
180729 90th Bday Holbrook MA
180804b 70th Bday and Retirement Cumberland RI
180624 Crystal Lake Golf Course Mapleville RI
180804a 25th Anniversary Barrington RI
180901a Circle CG Farm Campground Bellingham MA
180901b 80th Birthday Fitchburg MA
180902 Madrid Square Condos BBQ Brockton MA
180906 ACL  Independence Bath ME
180908 ACL Newport RI
180908 ACL American Constitution Newport RI
180926 ACL American Star Newport RI
180928 Birthday Slice of Heaven Jamestown RI
181014 NBC Show St Columba Middletown RI
181011 GB Mason Vendor Conference CT
181012 GB Mason Vendor Conference CT
181010 Birthday Party Dennys Warwick RI
181016 Rehearsal at BW
181021 Art Show Sue Wright at BW-SW
181027 NED- Competition with NBC Chorus Portland ME
181027 NED- Afterglow with South Shore Saints- Greenfie...
181104 Show with NBC Chorus- Barrington RI
181113 Rehearsal at BW
181201 Xmas Show with NBC Chorus etc, Attleboro Ma
181206 Show with NBC Chorus Warwick RI (confirm)
181108 Veterans Fundraiser- Natick MA
181109 Scrapbook Party- Hyannis MA
181114 Visit Stan and Lynn B
181101 Stan and Lynn at NBC Rehearsal - Photos

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