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- We Sing Many Styles of Songs in the 4 Part Barbershop Quartet Style !
- We Sing and Perform for Many Types of Performances ! 
- We Live and Perform Mostly in MA and RI, and Elsewhere Upon Request!
- And, We Sing for Both Day and Night Time Performances !


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WHO ARE WE?  -> Steve D (Tenor) -  Billy W (Lead) - Ellis S (Bass) - Bill C (Bari)


- Scheduling events - in process.
AND-  if you have any  events in 2017, call us.
We have started scheduling for next year!

-  Birthdays? Shows? at home? assisted living locations?
- ?? Other ??

- Let us know your request!

- Don't Forget to See Our Facebook Page for More Current Quartet Information! 
See the Link on the "Contact Us" tab above

- How to reach us?
Click on the "Contact Us" tab above!  

WHO are we?
GENERATIONS is a  Barbershop type Quartet.

Experience: As of 09/30/2016, our quartet has a total of 166 years of combined singing experience in 4 part harmony.
Choruses:   We have individually been a member of 16 different choruses - currently in RI, formerly in MA, PA, TN, AZ and CA !
Quartets: Individually, we have been a member of 28 different quartets in RI, MA, TN and AZ!
Performances: See details below, showing our typical performances and shows  

WHAT do we do?
We specialize in birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and large corporate and social events. 
We will work with you to understand your needs, and plan the right music for your event. 
WHEN and WHERE do we sing?
We accept requests to sing DAY or NIGHT to entertain for your event.
We normally perform in the New England area.
However, with advance planning, we will discuss singing outside of New England! 

Steve Donovan - Tenor - Attleboro, MA
Billy Wright - Lead - Providence, RI
Ellis Strange - Bass - Taunton, MA
Bill Cheney - Baritone - West Warwick, RI


Also, check out one of our videos on Youtube........
  (It is a link to a facebook page, from a nursing / assisted living home where we performed.)

See the above tab, "About Us"

 Past Performances and Photos:

From the beginning of 2013 through now, we have had approximately seventy singing commitments, including the following types of performances...

Business meetings or parties, and on the radio promoting Singing Valentines.

Birthday and anniversary parties, at private homes and restaurants, during the day, ....

.... and at this location at night, for a private party (note the name of the restaurant :-) ! ).

Luncheons and parties for groups or individuals at assisted living and nursing home locations, both inside...

... and outside on the patio, with beautiful weather in the background !!

So we don't forget, our quartet has performed the National Anthem locally for  the Pawsox in Pawtucket, RI, before one of their baseball games, ...

... and has also performed the National Anthem for their parent organization, the Boston Red Sox!

Last, but not least, we have sung for our fellow chorus during their rehearsal, or  other scheduled meetings. (Here you can see us out of uniform, with our daily attire :-) . )

Please contact us for prices, availability and more information !
For our contact info - see the "Contact Us" tab !

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